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The pros and cons of online training


Specialist knowledge
If you have specific goals like improving posture for example, an online coach allows you to find someone who specialises in that particular area of fitness instead of being Limited to just the trainers working at your local gym.

1:1 Personal Training can be expensive. In London, the price can vary anywhere from £50-E 150 per hour. Online training is guaranteed to get you more for your money.

Having a trainer online means you are not restricted to the availability of the trainers at your local gym. Many trainers ask you to book sessions in advance and will charge you if have to cancel or rearrange the sessions. Online personal training means you have the freedom to build your training into your schedule!

Many trainers that coach clients 1:1 are reluctant to provide support outside of the personal training session. Online personal training can provide a range of ongoing services to ensure that you stay motivated.


Correct technique
Because there is nobody there at the time of training to correct your form, this could mean you are doing exercises wrong and even dangerously in some cases.

I believe online training will allow you to master exercise technique faster than 1:1 training. Here’s why we provide an extensive video series to ensure that you are able to learn the exercise technique. Having these videos to hand and the ability to rewatch them means you have access to all the technique cues and tips you need! Because our programmes are tailored to your posture, we already know all the ways you are most likely go wrong with your exercises and deliver the right coaching cues to help. For some people this will be enough to fix the problems entirely, others may still struggle to take the points from the video and apply them correctly into the workout. Our weekly video analysis means that we review your exercise footage on a weekly basis and give you direct feedback on where improvement is needed.

Motivation during sessions
If you don’t have someone leading your sessions at the gym the experience can feel less motivating. With nobody there to push you it is easier for you to slack on your workouts and allow the intensity to drop. It could also mean you are taking longer rests or skipping your least favourite exercises.

Although we are not physically there to check you have done your workouts, if you haven’t been to the gym all week we are going to find out. Our service is designed specifically to ensure you are held accountable for your training. Our regular emails, reports, and video analysis mean we will be at the front of your mind at all times!

Get Started Today

3 Month Package


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