If Your Back Hurts, Get The Help Of A Posture Corrector

Does your back hurt throughout the day? Are you exhausted at the end of the day? A back posture corrector might be an aid you want to consider. If you find that you start to feel better, then you know the problems all come from an imbalance from bad posture. You can solve that problem forever, not just when you’re wearing the posture corrector, by getting help from a posture coach, too.

There are several problems with traditional posture correctors and even high tech ones.

While some of the newer posture correctors are technologically advanced, most of them are still cumbersome and difficult to put on and take off. Some of the correctors shouldn’t be used for more than 12 hours, which means you have to plan well to ensure you’ll be somewhere that you can privately take it off. Some of these aids didn’t even provide the benefits they promised.

What works better than a posture corrector?

What works best is correcting your posture forever. While these gadgets and clothing items can provide some support and help you improve your habits, they do nothing to help strengthen lax muscles, stretch short muscles and make your whole body stronger. Much like eating healthy, it doesn’t happen overnight, but takes hours of retraining your body and changing your lifestyle and habits.

Why is changing your posture so hard?

Poor posture can cause a protruding abdomen, slumped shoulders, sunken chest and more. In fact, people often put on weight when they have poor posture. That takes more than just posture practice, it takes a healthier diet and a program of regular exercise to build stronger core muscles that can hold your body erect longer. One of the benefits of including exercise in your program is that it makes you walk taller and look more confident. Isn’t that the definition of improved posture.

  • If you think improving your posture can help relieve pain, you could consider a posture corrector. Most people often discontinue using it after struggling a few times putting it on and taking it off.
  • Can’t you imagine how great it would be to not only improve your posture, but also your overall health. That’s one thing a posture coach can do that a posture corrector can’t.
  • The physical exercise can boost your immunity, put you in a better mood and burn off the hormones of stress. It can help make you look years younger, too. You’ll get all these benefits and more when you use posture coaching, rather than using a posture corrector.
  • If you’re suffering from pain, exhaustion and other stresses from poor posture, get a free assessment from the Tensegrity Coach, Chris. It’s free. You’ll be glad you did.

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If Your Back Hurts, Get The Help Of A Posture Corrector