Online Nutrition Coaching In London Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best

Have you considered online nutrition coaching in London? No matter where you live in the world, online training can go with you. That’s particularly important for anyone that travels or leads a busy schedule that doesn’t provide time for you to go to the gym. Best of all, the right type of training provides both exercise to help your posture, build muscles and a healthy diet to help you lose weight as you do it.

Good health, weight loss and looking your best starts in the kitchen.

No matter how much you workout, you won’t lose weight if you have a diet that needs attention. Even if you run for miles, but then consume a bucket of KFC, you won’t lose weight. Eating healthier isn’t dieting. In fact, you probably won’t have any of the problems you face when you diet, such as feeling hungry or deprived. Instead, it’s all about making smarter choices when it comes to the food you eat.

The next step is exercise, but not just any exercise.

Have you ever heard of tensegrity training? Tensegrity training has to do with your fascial system that connect all the body, including organs muscles, cells and bones. Most people think of their framework and the bones, similar to a brick wall. However, bones don’t actually sit on top of one another, but float do to the fascial system. There’s a space between vertebrae as long as the fascial system is strong, but when it gets weak, compression takes place and that causes pain and postural problems.

Muscle building exercises help sculpt your appearance and boosts your body’s strength.

Besides building up your fascial system, you need to build your muscles to help improve your posture and strengthen weak areas. By boosting your strength, plus stretching muscles and lengthening those muscles that have been inactive for years. This helps improve your posture when combined with the other steps of the program, plus give you a slimmer, fitter appearance.

  • To make online nutrition training and the other online programs work more effectively, you need to be held accountable. A good program will check your progress along the way.
  • As you workout, you’ll notice that not only do you feel better, pain from sitting and physical limitations seem to disappear.
  • The best type of program is a bespoke program that’s designed specifically for your needs. A great online program has a preliminary assessment before you start to create a program especially for your needs.
  • If you want to lose weight, look fitter and feel great, get a free assessment from Chris at The Tensegrity Coach.

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Online Nutrition Coaching In London Can Help You Look And Feel Your Best