There’s A Posture Corrector Right Here In The UK That Can Help

If you’re searching for a posture corrector here in the UK, quit looking for those temporary fixes that take forever to put on and remove. Those uncomfortable devices strap you in and pull your shoulders back to help you adjust to improving your posture. They’re bulky and do help a bit, but because they’re uncomfortable, most people cease using them after a month or two. They are added to the pile of aids thrown to the side to get relief from pain. Now there’s help that provides permanent relief, plus many other benefits.

Some posture correctors are also wellness coaches who provide tensegrity training, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get the benefit of improved posture and relief from pain, plus lose weight, feel healthier and have a slimmer, fitter body at the same time? It may ound like a dream or unattainable, but you can actually have this when you work with a wellness coach that also provides tensegrity training. Tensegrity training works with the fascial system to make it stronger. The fascial system is the fibrous tissue that covers every organ, muscle or bone in your body to connect them and keep you functioning at your peak, without pain.

Tensegrity training is the ultimate posture corrector.

Have you ever noticed how it hurts to move in some directions? That’s because your fascia is tight and doesn’t allow it. When part of the fascia is tight and short, there is another area that is weak and loose, which can cause injury because it’s not doing its job as the internal protective armor. Tensegrity coaches help release tight fascial tissue and strengthen loose fascial tissue to create balance and help improve your posture to relieve pain.

Besides tensegrity training, wellness coaches help with your diet, while boosting your strength, cardio and flexibility performance.

Without a healthy diet, not only will you have weight problems, you won’t have all the nutrients to be your healthiest. What you consume at meals and snacks plays an enormous role in your overall health. A program of regular exercise not only builds muscle tissue, it also helps make bones stronger. In fact, one study showed that weight bearing exercise worked as well as some medications to prevent osteoporosis and can even reverse bone loss.

  • Working with a wellness coach who also provides dietary training and tensegrity training can help you boost your energy and diminish pain.
  • While relieving pain is part of the focus, looking and feeling your best is the main focus. You’ll boost your overall performance, while also improving your appearance.
  • Your posture not only tells the world how you feel about yourself, it dictates how you feel too. Test that theory by slouching and noting how you feel, then sit up straight and do the same thing. Note how different you feel about yourself.
  • To make wellness coaching and tensegrity training more affordable, find an online coach that can save you money, while fitting more easily into your busy schedule.

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There’s A Posture Corrector Right Here In The UK That Can Help