You’ll Have More Energy At The End Of The Day When You Improve Posture At Your Desk

Some jobs are obviously dangerous, such as driving a lorry or roofing. However, there are dangers in jobs you don’t often think of as dangerous. These are desk jobs, where you sit all day, often in front of a computer screen, inputting numbers or creating files,but seldom getting up and moving around. The problem comes from sitting too long and improper posture, which can cause back and leg pain and even headaches. If you find you’re in that category, it’s time to improve posture at your desk.

What bad posture does to you when you sit.

Bad posture puts stress on your fascial system. That’s the fascial system that holds everything together. It’s made up of myofascial tissue that’s a fibrous connective tissue, which extends throughout the body and gives it support, as it also protects the muscles and bones. When you have poor posture, it puts a stress on this tissue, plus the muscles, joints and ligaments. That poor posture saps you of energy, because you’re not using your body as efficiently as you should. Misaligned core muscles don’t allow you to move as freely. You end the day in exhaustion, with muscle spasms and pain.

Improving your posture helps in a number of ways.

Do you suffer from headaches at work? Headaches that come from poor posture often originate in the neck. They start at the base of your neck and work up into your head. You’ll be more tired at the end of the day because your body isn’t working efficiently. It can cause digestive problems and even cause pelvic floor problems that lead to incontinence, constipation and painful intercourse.

You can learn the proper posture and get fitter at the same time.

A well being coach that also offers tensegrity training and strength training can help you improve your sitting posture, but also your walking, standing and laying posture. A tensegrity coach assesses your overall posture and creates a bespoke program for each person. He or she creates a program for muscle lengthening and strengthening to help create proper balance, plus often offers nutritional information for a healthier life.

  • To maximize the benefits of improving your posture, taking off excess pounds is important. A good posture coach often helps you with your nutritional needs so you can eat healthy and take off weight safely.
  • You’ll sleep better at night, get more done at work and still have energy at the end of the day when you improve your posture.
  • Good posture needs to be checked in all activities, not just when you’re sitting. It helps realign your body so you don’t have to work as hard. Not only that, you’ll notice a remarkable improvement in how others see you. You’ll look and feel more confident.
  • You can get coaching that doesn’t have to cost a fortune. It’s time to go to and get a free assessment from Chris.

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You’ll Have More Energy At The End Of The Day When You Improve Posture At Your Desk